Worktable Options



All work tables may be ordered or retrofitted in the field with a 20" x 20" x 5" deep stainless steel drawer.  The drawer features covered corners, drawer stop and drawer pull.



Sink Bowl

A covered cornered sink bowl with a standard 3 1/2" crumb cup drain may be integrally welded to any table.





Flanged Feet

Allows the table to be secured to the floor. Available for all table models (and sinks).

14 Gauge Top

Any table may be ordered with a 14 gauge 304 type top in lieu of the standard 16 gauge 304 type stainless steel top.


Intermediate Shelves

All tables may be supplied with a full width intermediate shelf or enclosed base tables may be supplied with either a full width or a 12" wide shelf.



Expand the usable surface area of your tables by adding a set of single or double overshelves.  These shelves are constructed of 16 gauge 304 series stainless steel, are 12" wide and 15" high.  They may be mounted through the backsplash, on rear or middle of table surface.




5" rubber tried swivel casters are available to add mobility to your table.  Tables 6' and under require a set of four (4), and tables over 6' require a set of six (6).



Two types are available depending on the application and style of the table.  All stainless steel top tables have a 5" high backsplash with a 45 degree return to the wall.  All polytop surface tables have a 5" high backsplash with a 1" return to the wall.  Both types of backsplash have fully welded ends to ensure the integrity of the backsplash.