Salad Bar Service Cart
Salad Bar Service Cart

Cut time and labor expenses with Amtekco's convenient new Salad Bar Service Cart, which can save hours a day in set up and tear down time.

Fast, Efficient Servicing
At the end of each day, simply place the containers from the salad bar into the cart, and wheel it into your walk-in cooler for overnight storage. In the morning, produce staff can replenish the containers in the prep area, wheel the cart back to the salad bar, and set it up in minutes. Spillage and waste which normally occurs in transferring salads from storage containers to salad bar containers is eliminated. And daytime servicing is cleaner and faster, too. Just place fresh items in the cart, wheel it to the salad bar, make the switch, and take the cart back to the prep area to clean the used containers.

A Perfect Fit
The five-shelf cart accommodates 30 or more salad containers and is custom manufactured to your specifications. Since the shelves are removable, if your salad bar arrangement changes, it is fast and cost efficient to retrofit the shelves accordingly.

Sturdy Construction
Manufactured in Amtekco's own factory, the Salad Bar Service Cart is crafted of heavy gauge 300 series stainless steel for long-term durability and easy maintenance. The 34" x 23" frame is perfectly balanced on four heavy duty swivelling casters, two of which may be locked to keep the cart in a stationary position. Rubberized bumper edges and caster covers protect both the cart and anything else it may come in contact with from marring or scratches.