Amtekco's Rectangular Hot Food Merchandiser
Rectangular Hot Food Merchandiser

Today, consumers are turning away from the kitchen and looking for new solutions to their meal preparation. In fact, consumers spend $855 million per day on food prepared away from their homes. One of the sources to which consumers are looking to fill this insatiable appetite for prepared food is supermarkets. And, one of your best sources by which you can present your self-serve, prepackaged hot food is with Amtekco's Hot Food Merchandisers.

  • Maximum impact with a minimal floor space requirement of 72" x 42" x 60" high
  • Product merchandising height allows easy consumer access
  • Fully insulated thermal blanket with preset heat controls maintains highly accurate and uniform food temperature
  • Attractive brass- or nickel-plated heat lamps and incandescent lighting help surround products with an even, dry heat
  • Integrated napkin dispenser and utensil holder for added consumer convenience
  • Easy to clean, durable and attractive laminated surfaces
  • Attractive brass- or nickel-plated support posts and canopy trim
  • Long-lasting treated wood kick plates with black cove base
  • Durable bumper molding repels cart scratches and keeps unit looking good
  • Access doors to base for convenient storage
  • Controls accessible from inside base cabinet door ensure consumer safety
  • Electrical requirements: 208v (19 amps)

  • Customized sizes, colors, laminates and configurations
  • Heavy-duty casters