Trimming and Boning Tables
Trimming and Boning Table

Open Base Trimming and Boning Tables
The sturdy, white polyethylene top on this boning table provides an ideal sanitary working surface at a convenient 34" height. The rugged base features 1 5/8" stainless steel tubular cross braces and adjustable bullet feet. The white polyethylene top, segmented for easy removal, sits on a stainless steel tubular frame welded to the leg assembly.

Ordering Specifications

PWT-48-248"24"82 lbs.
PWT-60-260"24"99 lbs.
PWT-72-272"24"107 lbs.
PWT-96-296"24"123 lbs.
PWT-48-348"30"88 lbs.
PWT-60-360"30"103 lbs.
PWT-72-372"30"115 lbs.
PWT-96-396"30"138 lbs.

Trimming and Boning Tables with Undershelf
This boning table with convenient undershelf may be ordered in either knockdown or fully assembled configurations. The sanitary white polyethylene top is segmented to facilitate easy removal for cleaning. The stainless steel tubular top frame is welded and ground smooth and is welded on 1 5/8" tubular steel legs with adjustable feet. The undershelf is fabricated from 18 gauge 304 series stainless steel and is turned down 1 " on all four sides.

Ordering Specifications

PWT-48S-248"24"86 lbs.
PWT-60S-260"24"99 lbs.
PWT-72S-272"24"111 lbs.
PWT-96S-296"24"147 lbs.
PWT-48S-348"30"97 lbs.
PWT-60S-360"30"112 lbs.
PWT-72S-372"30"124 lbs.
PWT-96S-396"30"147 lbs.