Solid Stainless Steel Wall Shelving
Wall Shelving

Take advantage of wasted wall space with Amtekco's economical stainless steel wall shelving. These eighteen gauge stainless steel shelves feature all welded construction with all corners ground smooth and polished. This makes the shelves both durable and sanitary. The cantilevered mounting brackets supplied with the shelves are also eighteen gauge stainless steel. The number of brackets supplied increases in direct proportion to the length of the shelf in order to ensure proper support. The riser at the back of each shelf is held away from the wall one inch to meet N.S.F. requirements. The wall shelves are available in both twelve inch widths, sixteen inch widths and in a number of standard lengths from thirty-six inches to ninety-six inches.

SHS-123612"36"11 lbs.
SHS-124812"48"14 lbs.
SHS-126012"60"16 lbs.
SHS-127212"72"18 lbs.
SHS-128412"84"20 lbs.
SHS-129612"96"24 lbs.
SHS-163616"36"14 lbs.
SHS-164816"48"18 lbs.
SHS-166016"60"21 lbs.
SHS-167216"72"24 lbs.
SHS-168416"84"28 lbs.
SHS-169616"96"32 lbs.