Produce Processing Sink


Produce Processing Sinks have been value engineered to make it easy to speed up produce preparation.

Streamline Your Operation For Cost-Effective Use of Space

Amtekco's Produce Processing sinks bring new efficiency to Produce Department. The design allows workers to complete all produce preparation activities, including trimming, waste disposal, washing, conditioning and product grading, within a limited work space.

Available in three standard sizes, or custom fabricated to your specifications, each sink is available pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation.

Trim Labor Costs
The Produce Processing Sink contains all the design elements needed for rapid, effective produce preparation. Features such as a rugged Master Disposer with an automatic reversing turntable, an anti-splash deep chute, a built-in angled crate rack and an unmovable poly cutting ledge help to ensure an efficient operation. The baffled chute hopper meets O.S.H.A. line-of-sight requirements for safety, while the Master Disposer's positive flush system virtually eliminates drain clogs. All of these features plus the fully welded stainless steel construction combine to make this series of Produce Processing Sinks the best on the market.

Disposer Specifications

Amtekco's Produce Processing Sinks are available with either a 3 or 5 horsepower Master Disposer. Each has an automatic reversing feature that doubles the life of the rotor/turntable and automatic positive flush, which virtually eliminates clogging.

PPS-84-2T 84" 35-3/4" 37
PPS-96-2T 96" 35-3/4" 37
PPS-108-3T 108" 35-3/4" 37