Amtekco- Stainless Steel Scullery Sinks
Scullery Sink

All CENTURY and PLATTER MODEL sink units feature fabricated, 16 Ga. Type 304 stainless steel tops, drainboards, and bowls with all horizontal and vertical corners die-formed to a " radius. All exposed surfaces are highly polished. Front and ends feature 3" high, 1 " rolled rims, back splashes are 10" high with a 2" return to the wall on a 45 degree angle. Tops are one piece die-formed construction. All sink bowls feature a die-formed depression in the bottom to facilitate rapid and complete drainage. Each compartment is provided with a 1 " NPS Crumb-Cup Drain. The front of each multi-compartment sink is provided with a one-piece stainless steel front panel which provides a smooth continuous appearance. Legs are 1 5/8" OD stainless steel and are provided with vermin proof, adjustable bullet feet. (All sinks are provided with one set of faucet holes spaced 8" on center, centered in the back splash, except for three (3) compartment sinks over 18" long, which are provided with two (2) sets of faucet holes.) All Century and Platter Model sinks meet NSF standards as to construction and materials.

How to read Model Numbers
  1. C-Century or P-Platter
  2. Number of Compartments
  3. Bowl Size (Left to right x front to back)
  4. Drainboard Size (Overall length)
  5. Drainboard Location (R=Right, L=Left, D=Double)
    Example: C   3   2424   18   D
                  (1.  2.   3.       4.   5.)

Century Sinks without Drainboards

One Compartment Without Drainboards
Model Weight
C-1-1818 51
C-1-2424 64
C-1-3024 75

Two Compartments Without Drainboards
Model Weight
C-2-1618 90
C-2-1824 110
C-2-2424 115
C-2-2030 140

Three Compartments Without Drainboards
Model Weight
C-3-1618 145
C-3-1824 165
C-3-2424 183

Century Sinks with Drainboards

One Compartment With Drainboards
Model Weight R or L Weight D
C-1-1618-18-R, L. or D. 75 93
C-1-1618-24-R, L. or D. 83 101
C-1-1824-18-R, L, or D. 85 101
C-1-1824-24-R, L, or D. 96 103
C-1-2424-18-R, L. or D. 95 115
C-1-2424-24-R, L. or D. 105 127

Two Compartments With Drainboards
Model  Weight R or L Weight D
C-2-1618-18-R., L. or D. 127 137
C-2-1618-24-R., L. or D. 131 141
C-2-1824-18-R., L. or D. 137 149
C-2-1824-24-R., L. or D. 147 155
C-2-2424-18-R., L. or D. 169 179
C-2-2424-24-R., L. or D. 173 186
C-2-2030-20-R., L. or D. 294 350

Three Compartments With Drainboards
Model Weight R or L Weight D
C-3-1618-18-R., L. or D. 178 190
C-3-1618-24-R., L. or D. 193 206
C-3-1824-18-R., L. or D. 206 216
C-3-1824-24-R., L. or D. 213 231
C-3-2424-18-R., L. or D. 230 245
C-3-2424-24-R., L. or D. 236 254
C-3-2030-20-R., L. or D. 247 263
C-3-2030-24-R., L. or D. 253 273
C-3-2430-24-R., L. or D. 262 281
C-3-2430-30-R., L. or D. 260 445

Platter Sinks without Drainboards
Model Weight
P-2-1532 73
P-3-1532 103
P-3-2415 142

Platter Sinks with One Drainboard
Model Weight
P-2-1532-18 L. or R. 123
P-3-1532-18 L. or R. 165
P-3-2415-18 L. or R. 190

Platter Sinks with Two Drainboards
Model Weight
P-2-1532-18 D. 165
P-3-1532-18 D. 193
P-3-2415-18 D. 195

For any modifications or models not shown here, please call factory for information.

Available Options

  • 14 gauge stainless steal
  • additional bowl depth
  • special bowl and drainboard sizes
  • add 4th compartment to any three compartment sink
  • integral end splash
  • customized configurations
  • faucets and drains (see plumbing accessories page)